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Health Office

Welcome to the Barrington Health Office! The health office is a very friendly place for students at Barrington Elementary School. We are here for Barrington students, to help them with their medical needs as well as helping them adjust to the school environment. There is a registered nurse assigned to the health clinic each day during school hours.

The school nurse and clinic nurse are available to administer first aid, evaluate symptoms of illness or injury that occur during the school day and recommend appropriate treatment, administer medication as needed, and perform other medical procedures.  Your Barrington nurses specialize in the care of students with complex medical needs and strive to maximize in-class time for students.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns!  If you have a time sensitive matter, please leave a message on the health office phone at 614-487-5180 ext. 5003 as it is checked by the scheduled nurse daily.  We look forward to working with you and your student!

Please visit our District Health Office and Forms page to access any needed health forms and additional information about our services.

Health Forms and Information

Contact Us

Joshua Bower, BSN, RN, LSN

Barrington School Nurse

Phone: 614-487-5180, ext. 5003

Fax: 614-487-5189

Email the Barrington Health Office