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Elementary Explorations

The mission of Elementary Explorations is to provide all elementary students with opportunities to engage and explore cross-curricular content while increasing student voice, improving well-being and creating engaged learners through whole child, project-based learning.

The Elementary Explorations teachers will see your student once every two weeks and will be working with your student in their classroom on a variety of projects that include topics on STEM, art and design, robotics, literacy, physical education, and well-being.

Where Are We Today?

Elementary Explorations follows the ABCDE calendar, traveling around the district to all of the elementary schools based on the day. Here's where you can find us!

A and A2 days: Greensview Elementary School

B and B2 days: Windermere Elementary School

C days: Barrington Elementary School

C2 days: Wickliffe Elementary School

D and D2 days: Tremont Elementary School

E and E2 days: Barrington Elementary School

2024-2025 ABCDE Calendar