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Elementary Learning Standards

Ohio's Learning Standards

The Upper Arlington Schools K-12 curriculum is aligned to Ohio’s Learning Standards. These standards explain the knowledge and skills Ohio students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 need to achieve. 

Ohio’s Learning Standards emphasize skills crucial to students’ success not only in school but also in college, careers and life — such as critical thinking and problem solving.

Upper Arlington Schools Priority Learning Standards

Upper Arlington Schools believes in offering a guaranteed and viable curriculum so that all students, regardless of their teacher or school, will have access to the same content, knowledge and skills across the district. Based on Ohio's Learning Standards, Upper Arlington Schools has made thoughtful and intentional decisions to focus on particular content, allowing teachers to realistically teach for mastery in the time allotted. Upper Arlington Schools priority standards for particular grade levels and subject areas have been developed by our teachers and our Teaching & Learning Department to outline the prioritized learning targets and the desired learning outcomes for students. For courses where priority standard documents are not available, please refer to the corresponding Ohio Learning Standards document posted on this webpage.