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Progress Reports

Elementary progress reports are released online in the PowerSchool Parent Portal following the conclusion of each elementary trimester. 

The current version of the elementary progress report was implemented in the 2017-2018 school year and was developed through a year-long collaborative process involving teachers and administrators.

The progress report reflects current grade-level learning standards and utilizes a detailed marking key to better explain how a student is doing in a particular area. The goals of the progress report are to reflect a student’s mastery of the learning standards in the progress report, provide concise and consistent communication about the growth of the whole child; promote ongoing conversation between teachers and families; and celebrate each child’s progress.

To access your student’s progress report, please log in to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and click on “Student Reports” in the Navigation bar on the left side of the page. 

Please continue reading for more information about the marking key and effort scale.

Understanding the Marking Key 

Seven levels of progress are noted in the marking system. In the Marking Key, the descriptors are important to understanding the indicators you see on the student’s progress report. The descriptors indicate the level of the individual student’s skill acquisition as well as the level of consistency and independence with which the student performs the learning standard. When you access your student’s progress report, you will see the full marking key so that you can refer back to the descriptor that coincides with each indicator.

  Indicator Descriptor
EX Extending Consistently and independently
exceeds grade level standards
AE Achieving / Extending Shows growth from Achieving
toward Extending
AC Achieving Consistently and independently
meets grade level standards
DA Developing / Achieving Shows growth from Developing
toward Achieving
DV Developing At or near grade level standards
with support and assistance
ED Emerging / Developing Shows growth from Emerging
toward Developing
EM Emerging Works below grade level standards
with ongoing support and assistance

Understanding the Effort Scale

Another important measure for elementary students is effort - and that will be evaluated based on the scale below.  When you access your student’s progress report, you will also see the full effort scale, with the descriptions, so you can refer back to it as well.

4 Consistently
3 Usually
2 Inconsistently
1 Rarely


If you have additional questions about the elementary progress report, please contact Director of Elementary Education Michelle Banks, Ed.D.

If you are having difficulty accessing your student's progress report, please email