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Safety Patrol

A student wearing a sash and holding a flag for Safety Patrol on a street corner near Barrington

Safety Patrol members ensure the safety of our Barrington community members. A patrol member carries tremendous responsibility. They must be willing to go on duty in rain, snow - and occasionally sunshine! Fifth grade patrollers are expected to be responsible, committed members of our team for the entire school year. They are to be good role models for Barrington students.

Long-term benefits for patrollers include scholarship opportunities. When they become enrolled in college, they may qualify for AAA School Safety Patrol Grants. We‘re always glad to see these hard working patrollers get rewarded.

We expect morning patrollers to be at school by 7:55 in the morning and afternoon safety patrollers need to be at their corners from 2:50 until 3:00.

Please feel free to contact the office team if you have any questions regarding safety patrol.