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One-to-One Technology FAQs

What will each student receive?

Students in kindergarten through second grade will receive iPad Air tablets. Students in grade three will receive iPad Pro tablets with keyboards. Students in grades four through 12 will receive 11-inch MacBook Air laptops.

When will students receive their devices?

Secondary students will receive their devices during their scheduled device pick-up/schedule pick-up events in their buildings. (Please see our district-wide listing of Back to School Dates.)

Elementary students will receive their devices in their classrooms during the first week of school and will be able to take them home beginning the week of August 28. Kindergarten students will keep their devices in the classrooms and will not take them home.

Do I have to pay for the device?

No. The school district owns the devices and will lend them to each student annually.  Parents will have the option to purchase the Technology Protection Plan ($70).

What's the Technology Protection Plan?

Prior to receiving a device for the 2017-2018 school year, parents/guardians will have the option to purchase the Technology Protection Plan. The cost will be $70. Those wishing to purchase the technology protection plan must purchase this prior to submitting the Technology Protection Plan form and accepting the device. If the fees are not paid prior to receiving the device, the plan is void.

This agreement covers the device lent to the student against all incidental damage or loss over $50.  Accessories (charger, iPad Pro keyboard and case) and damages valued at less than $50 are NOT covered and are the sole responsibility of the student/family.  Coverage is 24 hours per day.  NEGLECT/ABUSE IS NOT COVERED.  The Technology Protection Plan will cover two incidents per school year.

How do I buy the Technology Protection Plan?

You can purchase the plan through the district’s online payment system, SPSEZpay. Or you may pay in cash or check at the school’s office before your student picks up his/her device.

What if the device is stolen, lost or damaged?

Accidental damage causing the iPad/MacBook Air to be unusable is the responsibility of the student/family unless they have paid for the Technology Protection Plan.  In the event of damage or technical difficulties, students should take their iPad/MacBook Air laptop to the student help desk in the media/learning center.  If the device cannot be fixed at that time, a loaner iPad/MacBook Air may be issued to the student.  All iPad/MacBook Air policy agreements remain in effect for the loaner device.  

If a student’s iPad/MacBook Air is stolen or damaged by another party, please report it to the office immediately.  Your claim will be investigated further by the school district and/or the appropriate police agency. For more information about what is and what is not covered, please reference the Student Device Handbook.

Is there a policy for loaner devices?

We will have devices in learning centers that are available to lend to students and staff.  If a staff or student device is not working properly, it will be checked in through the LC and a loaner device will be available.

What if my child already has the device she/he would receive? Can she/he use that one instead?

Yes. You may fill out the Bring Your Own Device form and your child my bring their own device as long as it meets the appropriate specifications. The district will not be able to manage this device or add apps if necessary. This will be the responsibility of the parents.

May students opt out of receiving the iPad/MacBook Air?

All students will have a device as a part of their personalized learning experience at school.  If the family does not wish to take after-school responsibility for the device, then the device will stay at school.

Can my child personalize his/her iPad/MacBook Air?

Students in grades four through 12 who have MacBook Air laptops may personalize their district-owned devices as long as any personalization is school appropriate and in compliance with the district’s Acceptable Use Policy. Your child may establish an account in Apple’s App Store on his/her district-owned laptop and could add applications if necessary for their school work, store their music in iTunes and keep photos in iPhoto. It is important, though, that students understand that these devices are for educational purposes, and the district will be able to add the necessary software for testing and class-specific tasks.

Although parents/guardians of students in grades one through three who have iPads have the ability to add an Apple ID to the device and add apps, the district strongly discourages this. The district prefers that only apps added through the UA Schools App Portal by the district be located on the district-owned iPads. It is important that students understand that these devices are for educational purposes, and by having only school-approved apps on devices at these grade levels, we will provide for a more focused classroom experience for both students and teachers. This will also allow families to limit use of the district-owned device at home to school-related purposes.

If you have already entered an Apple ID on your student’s district-issued iPad, it will not prevent school-approved apps from being deployed to the device. However, any linking to other personal iOS devices (iPad/iPod/iPhone) will be synchronized to the district-owned device.

Can I customize or embroider the bag I receive with my iPad?

Unfortunately, no. These are district-issued bags that we will use for other students in years to come. But you are welcome to purchase your own customized bag.

Where does my child go for tech support while at school?

Each building will have a help desk area located in the building’s media/learning center.

If my student leaves Upper Arlington City Schools, where does he/she turn in their iPad/MacBook Air and accessories?

The equipment can be turned into the help desk area located in the building’s media/learning center.

Will students take devices home over the summer?

Students who are enrolled in a district-run summer program will be able to keep their devices over the summer. An additional Technology Protection Plan would be offered for the summer term. 

Additional questions?

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