The New Global Classroom Course

When it’s empty, school is, for the most part, a rigid box.

Rectangles connected to other rectangles. 

Hallways of cinderblock and brick. 

Lines of empty space held in and closed off by a solid, slamming door.

When it goes well, teachers transport students beyond that box: back to ancient civilizations, inside the depths of life, around the curve of numbers, pushing students to learn languages, showing them how to untangle logic, how to rub their fingers in paint and clay, or across keyboards, chalkboards, Smart Boards, strings and notepads. 

They teach them how to connect with others and how to dive inside and swim around in the depths of their imagination.

But sometimes, despite the effort, the winding hallway of boxes feels isolating and distant.

Sometimes the doors hold us in, keeping us from connecting with something bigger and wider and deeper. 

Sometimes we need classes to tangle and twist and topple over the edge. We need them to feel different, to explode into a brand new space, to burst through walls, spill into streets, and edge their way across the world.

Sometimes we just need something new. 

And fortunately, if that some time is now, there’s a brand new class with your name on it:

The Global Classroom.

In this class, you will have the chance to destroy the walls between IB Environmental Science and IB Business Management SL. 

You will have the luxury of ignoring the bell between two of your classes, because Mrs. Frustaci and Mrs. Bailey will block their curriculum into a single, two period unit, and they will work with Mrs. D’Eramo and her coffee shop classes to develop ideas. 

You will try your hand at a project-based, collaborative course that is embedded in service and global citizenship. 

You will step beyond books and tests and papers, and instead, learn how to market and grow the UARise brand, how to increase the retail presence in the high school and in the community. 

You will use sustainable products to create a mobile coffee shop, develop partnerships with growers in other countries, explore microfinancing opportunities, help farmers cast economic votes in a more responsible way, and develop a greater sense of global awareness. 

You will get the chance to test out the lessons you learn. 

You will feel a sense of connection. 

And most importantly, your work will have a purpose larger than the box you sit in, larger than the hallway that holds it, larger even than you.

If this is what you’re looking for, make sure you save space in your schedule for the Global Classroom course next year. Mrs. Frustaci, Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. D'Eramo are gearing up to break down walls, but they need your help to make it happen.

Contact Information

Laura Moore
Instructional Leader

1650 Ridgeview Road
Upper Arlington, OH 43221

1950 North Mallway Drive
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
(614) 487-5000

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