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School Safety

The safety, security and overall preparedness of students and staff is a top priority in the Upper Arlington Schools.  We make every effort to be prepared for every possible type of emergency. This involves a multi-layered approach to safety in our schools. 

Safety Preparedness

We have a strong partnership with the Upper Arlington Division of Police and the Upper Arlington Division of Fire. We work together to create safety plans for our schools that are continuously reviewed, updated and improved. In addition to the School Resource Officer program, our schools regularly collaborate with officers to ensure training is up-to-date and to examine the safety precautions in place in our schools.  

As required by the state of Ohio, we regularly practice safety drills and conduct safety-related discussions with students in a positive and age-appropriate manner. These state-required drills are unannounced and planned for various times of day. There are various types of drills including: 

  • A staff theoretical drill, a discussion of hypothetical scenarios; 

  • Emergency evacuation / rapid dismissal drills

  • School safety drills for all three types of emergency responses

  • Tornado drills   

In addition to these steps, we have put in place several safety features in our school buildings, including secure vestibules, visitor management software and safety radios. 

More Safety and Security Resources

Reporting Safety Concerns

Upper Arlington Schools believes that open communication is a key element in maintaining safe learning environments. We encourage all students, staff members and family members to report any suspicious or concerning activity, including any suspected incident of bullying, harassment, or discrimination, either by phone or email.  Students and family members can also file a report through the STAY SAFE, SPEAK UP! reporting system.  Students can find the SPEAK UP! app available via ClassLink on their school-issued iPads. Reports filed through this system can be made anonymously.  

If your safety concern requires immediate attention from law enforcement, please call 911.

Stay Safe, Speak Up! Hotline

Emergency Communications

If a safety concern arises, the first priority will be the safety of the students and staff in the building affected. Upper Arlington Schools will notify parents/guardians of any emergency situation as soon as possible through phone call, email or text message using our parent notification system. 

We regularly use this automated information system to provide families updates from our schools and the school district. If you are having trouble receiving these updates or need to update your contact information, please contact